article 1. Propounding Interrogatories
Code of Civil Procedure Sections 2030.010–2030.090

§ 2030.010


Any party may obtain discovery within the scope delimited by Chapters 2 (commencing with Section 2017.010) and 3 (commencing with Section...

§ 2030.020


A defendant may propound interrogatories to a party to the action without leave of court at any time.(b)A plaintiff may propound interrogatories...

§ 2030.030


A party may propound to another party either or both of the following:(1)Thirty-five specially prepared interrogatories that are relevant to the...

§ 2030.040


Subject to the right of the responding party to seek a protective order under Section 2030.090, any party who attaches a supporting declaration...

§ 2030.050

Any party who is propounding or has propounded more than 35 specially prepared interrogatories to any other party shall attach to each set of those...

§ 2030.060


A party propounding interrogatories shall number each set of interrogatories consecutively.(b)In the first paragraph immediately below the title...

§ 2030.070


In addition to the number of interrogatories permitted by Sections 2030.030 and 2030.040, a party may propound a supplemental interrogatory to...

§ 2030.080


The party propounding interrogatories shall serve a copy of them on the party to whom the interrogatories are directed.(b)The propounding party...

§ 2030.090


When interrogatories have been propounded, the responding party, and any other party or affected natural person or organization may promptly...

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