Code of Civil Procedure
Section 285.4

The court, upon the granting of a motion for withdrawal pursuant to Section 285.2, may appoint any member of the bar or any law firm or professional law corporation to represent the indigent client without compensation, upon a showing of good cause. Nothing herein shall preclude the appointed attorney from recovering any attorneys’ fees and costs to which the client may be entitled by law. In determining the existence of good cause, the court may consider, but is not limited to, the following factors:


The probable merit of the client’s claim.


The client’s financial ability to pay for legal services.


The availability of alternative legal representation.


The need for legal representation to avoid irreparable legal prejudice to the indigent client.


The ability of appointed counsel to effectively represent the indigent client.


Present and recent pro bono work of the appointed attorney, law firm or private law corporation.


The ability of the indigent client to represent himself.


The workload of the appointed attorney.

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