Water Code
Section 20527.7

Notwithstanding Section 20527, or any other provision of law, in the Montague Water Conservation District in Siskiyou County every owner of real property within the district, but no others, may vote at elections for directors or otherwise. Such owners need not be residents of the district in order to qualify as voters. The last equalized county assessment role is conclusive evidence of ownership of the real property so owned. Where land is owned in joint tenancy, tenancy in common, or any other multiple ownership, the owners of such land shall designate in writing which one of the owners shall be deemed the owner of such land for purposes of qualifying as a voter.

The legal representative of a corporation or estate owning real property may vote on behalf of such corporation or estate. As used in this section, legal representative means an official of a corporation owning real property or a guardian, conservator, executor, or administrator of the estate of the holder of title to real property who:


Is appointed under the laws of this state.


Is entitled to the possession of the estate’s real property.


Is authorized by the appointing court to exercise the particular right, privilege, or immunity which he seeks to exercise. Before a legal representative votes at a district election, he shall present to the precinct board a certified copy of his authority which shall be kept and filed with the returns of the election.

Every voter, or his legal representative, may vote at any district election either in person or by a person duly appointed as his proxy, but shall be entitled to cast only one vote. The appointment of a proxy shall be as provided in Section 35005.

Notwithstanding Section 21100 or any other provision of law, any voter as defined in this section is eligible to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Montague Water Conservation District.

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