Abandoned Property Law

Article 1

Short Title; Declaration of Policy; Definitions

Sections 101103
101 Short title
102 Declaration of policy
103 Definitions

Article 2

Escheat of Real Property

Sections 200215
200 Escheated lands
201 Action for recovery of property
202 Parties to action
203 Effect of judgment in favor of people
204 Sale of property recovered
205 Report by attorney-general
206 Petition for release of escheated lands
207 Proceedings on receipt of petition
208 Release
209 Effect of release on rights of others
210 Protest against release
211 Lands held under written contract
212 Escheated lands subject to trusts and incumbrances
213 Condemnation awards as interest in real property
214 Receiver
215 Claims against state

Article 3

Unclaimed Property Held or Owing by Banking Organizations

Sections 300306
300 Unclaimed property held or owing by banking organizations
302 Publication of list of abandoned property
303 Payment of abandoned property
304 Unclaimed property held by the superintendent of financial services after liquidation
305 Payment of abandoned property after liquidation by superintendent of financial services
306 Reimbursement for instruments paid

Article 4

Unclaimed Deposits and Refunds for Utility Services

Sections 400403
400 Unclaimed deposits and refunds for utility services
402 Publication of notice of abandoned property
403 Payment of abandoned property

Article 5

Unclaimed Property Held or Owing for Payment to Security Holders

Sections 500504
500 Definitions
501 Unclaimed property; when deemed abandoned
502 Payment or delivery of abandoned property
503 Report of abandoned property
504 Reimbursement for property paid or delivered

Article 5-A

Unclaimed Property Held by Brokers

Sections 510514
510 Definitions
511 Unclaimed property; when deemed abandoned
512 Payment or delivery of abandoned property
513 Report to accompany payment or delivery
513-a Retention of books and records
514 Reimbursement of brokers or dealers

Article 6

Unclaimed or Unknown Owner Court Funds

Sections 600603
600 Unclaimed or unknown owner court funds
601 Publication of list of abandoned property
602 Payment of abandoned property
603 Report to accompany payment

Article 7

Unclaimed Life Insurance Funds

Sections 700707
700 Unclaimed life insurance corporation moneys
702 Publication of list of abandoned property
703 Payment of abandoned property
704 Life insurance departments of savings and insurance banks
705 Unclaimed and undistributed property held by superintendent of financial services, as liquidator, upon completion of proceeding
706 Payment of abandoned property after liquidation by superintendent of financial services
707 Reimbursement for claims paid by insurers

Article 10

Unclaimed Condemnation Awards

Sections 10001003
1000 Unclaimed condemnation awards
1002 Publication of notice of abandoned property
1003 Payment of abandoned property

Article 12

Escheat of Property Paid or Deposited in Federal Courts

Sections 12001212
1200 Unclaimed property paid or deposited in federal courts
1201 Presumption of abandonment
1202 Special proceeding for escheat
1203 Jurisdiction
1204 Respondents
1205 Contents of petition
1206 Service of notice and petition
1207 Contents and time of answer
1208 Amendment of proceedings
1210 Judgment
1211 Collection by attorney-general
1212 Payment to the state comptroller; report

Article 12-A

Unclaimed or Abandoned Property in the Possession, Custody or Control of the United States of America

Sections 12131223
1213 Purpose and policy
1214 Definitions
1215 Escheat
1216 Presumptions
1217 Procedure
1218 Notice
1219 Petition
1220 Service
1221 Judgment
1222 Application of other provisions of article twelve
1223 Alternative to escheat

Article 13

Miscellaneous Unclaimed Property

Sections 13001317
1300 Unclaimed surplus from sale of pledged property
1301 Unclaimed surplus from sale of pledge
1304 Unclaimed personal property of persons in certain state institutions
1305 Unclaimed surplus moneys after recovery of cost of public assistance and care
1306 Abandoned property resulting from the administration of the vehicle and traffic law
1307 Unclaimed proceeds from the sale of wrecked property
1308 Unclaimed wages
1309 Uncashed travelers checks and money orders
1310 Voluntary disposition of miscellaneous property not otherwise subject to this chapter
1311 Unclaimed moneys erroneously collected by utility corporations on account of taxes
1312 Unclaimed amounts or securities held by foreign corporations not authorized to do business in the state of New York
1313 Unclaimed property held by sales finance companies and insurance premium finance agencies
1314 Unclaimed consumer credit balances
1315 Miscellaneous unclaimed property
1316 Unclaimed insurance proceeds other than life insurance
1317 Unclaimed security deposits held by the title insurance companies

Article 14

General Provisions

Sections 14001422
1400 Statutes of limitations not a bar
1401 Comptroller to maintain public record
1402 Publication of abandoned property by state comptroller
1403 Sale of personal property by state comptroller
1404 Assumption of liability by the state; return of property erroneously paid to state comptroller
1405 Accrual of interest after payment of abandoned property to the state comptroller
1406 Claims for abandoned property heretofore or hereafter paid to the state
1407 Payment by comptroller
1409 Payment for publication
1410 Designation of newspapers
1411 Waiver of publication
1412 Penalty, interest and special proceedings 1
1412-a Retention of books and records
1413 Penalty for fraudulent returns
1414 Comptroller to make regulations
1415 Deduction of certain charges
1416 Restriction on agreement to locate and/or retrieve abandoned property
1417 Agreements with other states
1418 Property for New York residents held by other states
1419 Reporting of abandoned property in the aggregate
1420 Property held by agricultural cooperative corporations
1421 Property held by rural electric cooperatives
1422 Mailing of notice to owners of record

Article 15

Laws Repealed; Constitutionality; Effective Date

Sections 15001502
1500 Laws repealed
1501 Constitutionality
1502 Effective date