Law is code, and we’re here to open-source it.


Fast, easy access to state law

In 2009, a programmer-turned-law student in Oregon began making a web app to help with his classes. It turned out that plenty of people besides law students had a need for better access to the law. Now, finished with law school and admitted to the Oregon Bar, Robb and a small team are bringing the successful recipe to the rest of the U.S. — with some great new features such as:

  • Always up to date

    We've created a cloud-based statute processing pipeline for updating every states’ laws, every day.

  • Multi-jurisdiction search

    We're leveraging the wonderful work of the Library of Congress Linked Data Service for use as an open-source legal taxonomy.

  • Roadmaps to the law

    Local attorneys, expert in specific areas, will curate "micro-sites" — collections of links and articles — to help orient researchers to the statutes.

Want better access to your state's laws? Leave us your email and tell us what you'd like to see.