Section 12740

The department shall prepare a state plan for the California Community Services Block Grant Program, as required by the secretary, which shall include all of the following:


A statement of goals and objectives.


Information on the types of activities to be supported, geographic areas to be served, and categories or characteristics of individuals to be served.


The criteria and method established for the distribution of funds, including details on how the distribution of funds will be targeted on the basis of need.


A description of how the state plan for the previous program period has met the goals, objectives and needs identified in the prior state plan through the use of funds in that program period.


A description of the process by which the state plan has been developed, distributed and reviewed by both the general public, groups and individuals with an interest in the states Community Services Block Grant Program, and the Legislature.


An explanation of how critical comment was received, reviewed, and either incorporated or rejected by the department prior to final submission of the state plan.


The departments most current information regarding the projected federal Community Services Block Grant allocation to the state.


A report of current and planned expenditures of discretionary funds.


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