Section 12747


Community action plans shall be developed by eligible entities as required by the secretary and the director using processes that assess poverty-related needs, available resources, and feasible goals and strategies, and that yield program priorities consistent with standards of effectiveness established for this program. Community action plans shall identify eligible activities to be funded in the program service areas and the needs that each activity is designed to meet. Community action plans shall provide for the contingency of reduced federal funding.


All eligible entities shall submit their grant applications, including local plan and report of the public hearing, if required, to the department no later than June 30 of each year.


Each eligible entity not serving a statewide area shall conduct a local public hearing for the purpose of reviewing the local plans of all eligible entities located or operating within a political subdivision served or proposed to be served pursuant to this chapter.


Eligible entities holding hearings pursuant to this article shall identify all testimony presented by the poor, and shall determine whether the concerns expressed by that testimony have been addressed in the plan. If the agency determines that any of these concerns have not been included in the plan, it shall specify in its response to the plan information about those concerns and comment as to their validity.


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