Section 15820

The Legislature finds and declares that Californias public colleges and universities, recognized as being among the worlds finest, require assistance in the development of teaching and research centers which will serve for researching advancements in high technology and for educating and preparing individuals for tomorrows high technology society. To this end, the Legislature finds that it is in the public interest, and for the public benefit, to construct or renovate and equip facilities for use as research and educational centers dedicated to high technology fields of engineering, computer science, biological sciences, and related basic sciences, that may be lease-purchased by the University of California and leased or lease-purchased by the California State University and the California Maritime Academy.


Original source: https://­leginfo.­legislature.­ca.­gov/­faces/­codes_displaySection.­xhtml?lawCode=GOV&sectionNum=15820.­ External link icon (last accessed December 5, 2016).