Section 19831


The department may authorize payments into a private fund to provide health and welfare benefits to nonpermanent employees in classes compensated in accordance with the provisions of Section 19830 where the department finds as to any position that:


The payments by employers are the prevailing practice in comparable employment in the locality of the work and the payments are for the purpose of providing to employees specified benefits such as, but not limited to, hospital, medical, surgical, and life insurance, sick leave, vacation allowance, pensions, supplementary unemployment and disability compensation, and other similar or related health and welfare benefits, or any combination thereof.


Participation in the benefits provided by the funds is not limited to state employees.


The provisions of the plans which provide the benefits meet the standards established by the department.


Payments made by the state to any fund on behalf of any employee shall be in lieu of benefits such as vacation allowance, sick leave, and retirement which are now or may hereafter be granted directly by the state in accordance with law.


The department is empowered to determine the equitable application of this section to insure that the employees receive benefits comparable to, but not in excess of, those provided in comparable private employment.


The payments authorized by this section shall be a proper charge against any funds available for the support of the employing agency.


If the provisions of this section are in conflict with the provisions of a memorandum of understanding reached pursuant to Section 3517.5, the memorandum of understanding shall be controlling without further legislative action, except that if the provisions of a memorandum of understanding require the expenditure of funds, the provisions shall not become effective unless approved by the Legislature in the annual Budget Act.


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