Section 31528


Unless permitted by this chapter, a member or employee of the board shall not become an endorser, surety, or obligor on, or have any personal interest, direct or indirect, in the making of any investment for the board, or in the gains or profits accruing from those investments. A member or employee of the board shall not directly or indirectly, for himself or herself, or as an agent or partner of others, borrow or use any of the funds or deposits of the retirement system, except to make current and necessary payments authorized by the board.


A member or employee of the board shall not, directly or indirectly, by himself or herself, or as an agent or partner or employee of others, sell or provide any investment product that would be considered an asset of the fund, to any retirement system established pursuant to this chapter.


An individual who held a position designated in Section 31522.3, 31522.4, or 31522.5, or was a member of the board or an administrator, shall not, for a period of two years after leaving that position, for compensation, act as agent or attorney for, or otherwise represent, any other person except the county, by making any formal or informal appearance before, or any oral or written communication to, the retirement system, or any officer or employee thereof, if the appearance or communication is made for the purpose of influencing administrative or legislative action, or any action or proceeding involving the issuance, amendment, awarding, or revocation of a permit, license, grant, contract, or sale or purchase of goods or property.


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