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Robb Shecter
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Free, easy access

  • Increasing access to the legal system by publishing accessible legal content and lowering the cost of legal research,
  • Creating new ways to browse and learn the law.

High quality

We aim for the quality of a conventional legal publication by:

  • Providing accurate citations to every source used by the 100,000+ pages,
  • Eating our own dogfood: using the site on a daily basis and fixing bugs as we find them,
  • Using current best practices in software development, such as test cases, open source components, and separation of content from presentation.


Robb started OregonLaws.org while a student at Lewis & Clark Law School. He was enrolled in two very statutes-oriented classes, Criminal Law and Wills & Trusts, that frequently made use of the Oregon Revised Statutes. He wanted online access that was easy to read, browse, and search, to avoid schlepping the statutes to class. Well, he couldn’t find it, so he started building it himself.