Texas Code of Criminal Procedure

Title 1 Code of Criminal Procedure

Chapters 1 – 64
1. General Provisions
2. General Duties of Officers
3. Definitions
4. Courts and Criminal Jurisdiction
5. Family Violence Prevention
6. Preventing Offenses by the Act of Magistrates and Other Officers; Education Concerning Consequences of Certain Offenses
7. Proceedings Before Magistrates to Prevent Offenses
7A. Protective Order for Victims of Sexual Assault or Abuse, Stalking, or Trafficking
8. Suppression of Riots and Other Disturbances
9. Offenses Injurious to Public Health
10. Obstructions of Public Highways
11. Habeas Corpus
12. Limitation
13. Venue
14. Arrest Without Warrant
15. Arrest Under Warrant
16. The Commitment or Discharge of the Accused
17. Bail
17A. Corporations and Associations
18. Search Warrants
19. Organization of the Grand Jury
20. Duties and Powers of the Grand Jury
21. Indictment and Information
22. Forfeiture of Bail
23. The Capias
24. Subpoena and Attachment
24A. Responding to Subpoenas and Certain Other Court Orders; Preserving Certain Information
25. Service of a Copy of the Indictment
26. Arraignment
27. The Pleading in Criminal Actions
28. Motions, Pleadings and Exceptions
29. Continuance
30. Disqualification of the Judge
31. Change of Venue
32. Dismissing Prosecutions
32A. Speedy Trial
33. The Mode of Trial
34. Special Venire in Capital Cases
35. Formation of the Jury
36. The Trial Before the Jury
37. The Verdict
38. Evidence in Criminal Actions
39. Depositions and Discovery
40. New Trials
42. Judgment and Sentence
42A. Community Supervision
43. Execution of Judgment
44. Appeal and Writ of Error
45. Justice and Municipal Courts
46. Insanity As Defense
46A. Aids and Hiv Testing in County and Municipal Jails
46B. Incompetency to Stand Trial
46C. Insanity Defense
47. Disposition of Stolen Property
48. Pardon and Parole
49. Inquests Upon Dead Bodies
50. Fire Inquests
51. Fugitives From Justice
52. Court of Inquiry
54. Miscellaneous Provisions
55. Expunction of Criminal Records
56. Rights of Crime Victims
57. Confidentiality of Identifying Information of Sex Offense Victims
57A. Confidentiality of Identifying Information of
57B. Confidentiality of Identifying Information of Family Violence Victims
57C. Sealing of Court Records Containing Medical Information for Certain Child Victims
57D. Confidentiality of Identifying Information of Victims of Trafficking of Persons
59. Forfeiture of Contraband
60. Criminal History Record System
61. Compilation of Information Pertaining to Criminal Combinations and Criminal Street Gangs
62. Sex Offender Registration Program
63. Missing Children and Missing Persons
64. Motion for Forensic Dna Testing